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User Manual

1.The name of your game, and your team members’ names

Team Members:
Edgar Tandiawan 2101699666
Nicolas 2101704520
Lamin Gitteh 2101711103

Sarden’s life is the name of the game that we were making and it was based on biology for this exact program. This game taught us not to dump waste on the ocean for the fish. The game will start to play as the fish and can choose to eat bad or good food. After the game ends, the user can participate to answer biology quizzes.

2. at least three images (screenshot) showing a typical scene from your game being played

Game End

Main Menu


3. how to play your game, including what things happen and how the scoring works

the game start as the user play using the fish to move around and eat good or bad food. the scoring system is by health, the health will increase or decrease according to the user action while playing the game. the starting point is 50 health and the objective of the game is to make the health to 100 to win the game. The good food consist of smaller fish, pellet, and worm each will add different point to the health and will fade after a certain amount of time. The bad food consist of potato and plastic that will deduct the health by certain amount and if the health hit 0, then the game will end. At the end of the game, some biology quizzes will pop up and the user have to answer it.

4. what player controls are available (what keyboard keys do, etc.)

the movement using arrow key, space for speed up, esc button for pause menu, enter for the resume and play background music, and hovering mouse to the food to know which is bad and which is good

5. the contributions of each team members

Nicolas – Gameplay, Variables, Events and action (with the help of Lamin and Edgar)

Lamin – Concept design, sound, quiz

Edgar – Provides and edit the sprites, ideas

6. a list of items you created yourself (models, textures, heightmap, etc.)

the name of the game, the health point system that add or reduce base on the food

7. a list of items you did not create by yourself (write the sources)

Game backgound =

You win background=

About page background =

Gameover background =

Fish =

Crab =

Shark =

Worm =

Small fish =
Pellet =

Good food sign

Potato =

Plastic bag =

Explosive =

Blood =

Crab =

Shark =

Worm =

Small fish =

Musics =

Tutorial background =

Pause menu backgound =

Main menu background =

Quiz =

Iguana =

Sperm whale =

Dog =

Lizard =

Cartoon animals =

Hemoglobin =

Question background =

Human =

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